The objective of our organization is to please, tantalize, surprise and entertain our audiences, so they will come back again and again.  

Motor City Gold comes to you with a diverse combination of all styles of music including; urban, R&B, and Motown.  We have been performing together for almost a 20 year period.  Motor City Gold infuses their music into a unique, cool, high-energy soundscape.  Our band has gone through many transitions over the years and many members have come and gone and some still play with us from time to time.  Presently the band consists of:

Elena Brown-Robinson and Lisa Harris (singers),Steven Robinson (lead and rhythm guitar), Ralph Balletta (keyboards), David Bivins (bass) Tanya Suttles (saxophone) and Daryn Suttles (drummer) . As always we continue to pay homage to our singer and friend John Todd who has passed on (John we still miss you very much).

While working on our style and originality, we are incorporating our artistic talents to create and elevate our style of music to a refined live performance platform for an anticipating audience.
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David Bivins discovered the music scene at 15 years old when he saw his brothers singing group.  He had always looked up to his older brothers and wanted to sing also, and having family members in the music world made it very easy.  So, when he picked up the bass guitar, his father demanded that he stop.  He said "it was a waste of time, get back to the books", so I stopped , but living on a street where there were 5 or 6 bands, it was very hard.

One day in school, the teacher wanted everyone to write a mini-biography of what we wanted to be.  Three teen students, which I did not like at all, played instruments, one played guitar, one played drums, and one played keys.  Nevertheless, we became the best of friends and formed a church band, and the rest is history, and there began my career in music.

While learning to play the bass guitar, keys, and drums, I was trained by some of the best:
Mr. Bernard Williams - Bass
Mr. Alvin Howell - Drums
Mr. Samuel Holt - Bass
Mr. Clarence Boyd - Bass
Mr. Larry Marcus (BKA Bingo) - Guitar
Mr. Larry Stanley - Drums
Mr. Charles Carter - Guitar

The bands I have performed in are as follows:
Inchant Aces Band
TKO Band
The Wis Band
Pacific Point Band
Ultimate Attraction
Mother Witt Band
True Desire Band
Motor City Gold (present, 18 years and still going strong)

                            Steven Robinson - Guitarist

Style:           Rock, Blues, R&B, Jazz, Contemporary Music

Education:  Community College - Two years of Music 
                    Theory 100-101

Experience: The National Music Center - Awarded                         Scholarship Jazz Studies - Instruction
                    Bob Frazen, 9-19-88 to 1-89

                    Berklee College of Music, Boston, Mass
                    Summer Program (4 weeks) -  Instructor 
                    - Tim Goodrich

                    Fairmount School of Music, 9/88 - 10/88 -                     Instructor - Kevin Richens, Blues,                     Fingerpicking

                    Cleveland Music Settlement - Classic Guitar
                    Instructor - James Cuicici

                    Sodja Music - Rock Guitar - Instructor -                     Spike Martin 7/86- 8/86

                    Dick Lurie School of Music - Guitar - 10/78 -                     1/79

Influences:   Stevie Ray Vaughn
                     Robert Johnson
                     James Brown
                     Living Colour
                     Robert Cray
                     Jimmy Hendrix
                     Grant Green
                     Van Halen
                     B. B. King
                     Albert Collins
                     Wes Montgomery
                     Robben Ford

Bands:          The Doug King Band 1988-1990
                     Dancing With Bombs; Hard Rock, 1994-1995
                     Mother's Witt Band; R&B
                     Motor City Gold Band; Motown, R&B 1999-                     Present
                     E-Package Showband; Pop, R&B, 2016-                     Present

Elena Brown-Robinson is a singer, performer/entertainer, born and raised in Cleveland, OH.  Elena was introduced to music in church at a very young age by her father who was a singer and choir director, and that's where a lifelong love of music began.

There was a fear at first with her shyness and being young, but as the years went by, she overcame the fear and went on to start an ongoing musical journey.