The objective of our organization is to please, tantalize, surprise and entertain our audiences, so they will come back again and again. 

Motor City Gold comes to you with a diverse combination of all styles of music including; urban, R&B, and Motown.  Collectively we have been performing for over a 20 year period.  Motor City Gold infuses their music into a unique, cool, high-energy soundscape.  Our band has gone through many transitions over the years and many members have come
and gone and some still play with us from time to time.  Presently the band consists of;
Elena Brown-Robinson and Lisa Harris(singers),Steven Robinson(lead and rhythm guitar), Melvin Perry(drummer), Ralph Baletta(keyboards), and David Bivins(bass). As always  we continue to pay homage to our singer and friend John Todd who has passed on(John we miss you very much).

While working toward putting out an original song , we are incorporating our artistic talents to create and elevate our style of music to a refined live performance platform for an anticipating audience
About us
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